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The Tezos ecosystem is alive and cooking; your investment can grow as it does.

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(even split across multiple bakers)

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Tez Baker offers a secure delegate service for Tezos. 14% flat fee for all new addresses. Loyalty Guarantee: your rate will never be higher than our lowest advertised rate.

Current Delegates

How it works

Delegate your Tez to Tez Baker to start receiving your baking rewards.

Tez Baker will pay back to your delegation account on any cycle where rewards owed to that account are greater than 2 XTZ. Tez Baker will pay rewards within half a cycle from the rewards being released. So once you get the first payment you will then receive a payment every cycle thereafter.

It takes 7 cycles to get into a snapshot (approx 21 days) and 5 cycles (approx 15 days) before rewards are released to Tez Baker.

Track your progress and the performance of Tez Baker through both our /rewards and /health pages. We welcome all feedback and as we are continually building features any data visualisation requests will have a good chance of being built; contact us via info@tezbaker.io.


Relax: Our Risk

Tezos delegation only requires your public key. Your private key is not required and as such your security is never compromised; Tez Baker shoulders the risk on your behalf.

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